1. Definitions

For the purpose of this document, the terms below are to be interpreted according to the following definitions:

  1. "Customer": means the general buyer as a natural or legal person who purchases the goods and/or services within the scope of his/her professional activity or business - in compliance with article no. 3, c. 1 lett. c), of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 - or the general buyer as the natural person or legal person who purchases the goods and/or services for purposes other than those of his/her business or profession - in compliance with the article no. 3, c. 1 lett. a), of the Italian Legislative decree no. 206/2005.
  2. "General Conditions of on-line sale of SpagoWorld services": means the present document;
  3. "On-line agreement": means the present document;
  4. "Supplier": means Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., based in Rome, Via San Martino della Battaglia, 56, VAT number 05724831002, Taxpayer's code number 00967720285;
  5. "Parties": means Customer and Supplier, jointly referred to as "Parties";
  6. SpagoWorld service: means each service which can be purchased on-line in the "Shop" section of the website, whose characteristics are described in detail in the catalogue, available on the website itself.
  7. Website: means the website corresponding to the following address

2. On-line contract subject

"On-line" contract means the distance contract for the purchase of services which is entered into by and between the Supplier and the Customer, which falls within the scope of a distance selling system arranged by the Supplier and accessible through the website corresponding to the following address: The present document includes the general conditions of on-line sale of SpagoWorld services, whose characteristics are described in detail in the dedicated section "Catalog" of the abovementioned website.
Each on-line contract is deemed to be concluded once the Customer has accessed the "Shop" section of the abovementioned website and has followed all the specified instructions to finalize the on-line purchasing procedure of the selected SpagoWorld services.
The Supplier reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of this document and to afterwards announce them through the website. The new general conditions of the on-line sale of SpagoWorld services will be effective upon publication.

3. Prices, payments and purchases

The sale prices of SpagoWorld services are listed on the website, close to the relevant SpagoWorld Service. Prices include VAT tax, if applicable, and any other local tax, unless otherwise specified.
The Customer can perform the payment by using one of the payment options specified in the "Shop" section of the website.
The Contract is deemed to be concluded once the Supplier receives the full payments.
The Supplier will make available the invoice into the "Shop" section of the website. This invoce will be draw up using the data inserted during the registration and/or purchasing procedure by the Client. The Client is the sole responsible for ensuring the completeness, accuracy and truthfulness of these data.

4. Duration: Access and Activation Conditions

Once the online purchasing procedure is finalized, each SpagoWorld service can be activated for a specific period of time in accordance with the type of purchased service, by following the operational rules, which the Supplier has previously published on the website and sent to the Customer through a dedicated e-mail.

5. Information Update

The Supplier guarantees his/her Customers that the information and contents, provided on the website and in the "Shop" section, are constantly updated.

6. Communications and delivery of information

For any issue concerning SpagoWorld services, the customer may contact the Supplier, by sending an e-mail to, whose object must include the references to the purchased service.
The Customer may collect further information on SpagoWorld Services by accessing the FAQ section of the abovementioned website.
The Supplier may contact the Customer, by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address inserted during the registration procedure. The Client is the sole responsible for ensuring the accuracy of this e-mail address.

7. Industrial and intellectual property

The contents of the website and SpagoWorld on-line services are protected by the Supplier's industrial and intellectual property and by the Italian law.
The Customer is not allowed to reproduce and/or make others reproduce the contents of the website and of SpagoWorld Services in whole or in part, though any type of device.
The Customer is not allowed to modify the contents of SpagoWorld Services in any case.
The Customer is not entitled to use the contents of the website and of SpagoWorld services for any other purpose which would be detrimental to the Supplier's rights. The Customer cannot allow the public consultation of the information on SpagoWorld services.

8. Exclusions

The Supply does not include any support service that is directly or indirectly related to anomalous functioning of the provided services as consequence of:

  • the Customer's non-observance of the operational rules;
  • the Customer's or third parties' negligence, carelessness, guilt and/or malice, both in case they have been authorized by the Customer itself or not.

9. Applicable laws and Jurisdiction

The present contract is regulated by the Italian Law. Any other matter not herein specified is regulated by the dispositions of the Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005.
Any proceeding regarding the present contract, including validity, interpretation, application, execution, termination and breach of the contract itself, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.


Communication as per art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003Foreword

We hereby inform you that, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 "Personal Data Protection Code", your personal data may be processed, in observance of the abovementioned regulation, by the undersigned company in relation to the contractual relations established with you or the relations that may be established in the future.

Source of Personal Data

Acquired in relation to contractual relations, the data in our possession were collected directly from the party concerned. All the data collected have been processed in observance of regulations in force and with due confidentiality.

Nature of the Collection

In addition to being necessary for the stipulation and execution of the contractual relationship, The collection of personal data is also mandatory as it is required for the fulfilment of fiscal liabilities and obligations of law; refusal to supply said data shall hinder the establishment of business relations with the company. Said processing does not require the consent of the party concerned.

Purpose of Processing

The collection or processing of personal data is aimed toward adequately fulfilling the obligations connected to the execution of the business activities of our company and in particular for:

  1. Pre-contractual communications and inquires regarding the stipulation of an agreement
  2. The execution of an agreement and its administrative management
  3. Statistics and market analysis
  4. The sending of advertising or informative material of the group’s activities
  5. Verification of Customer satisfaction
  6. The fulfilment of obligations of law, including, by way of example and not limited to, those arising from regulations concerning public tenders
  7. Participation in private tenders, consortia and temporary associations of companies
All above purposes are essential for complying with the contractual obligations, with the exception of those under the letters "c", "d" and "f", which are to be considered optional.

Processing Method

The processing of the data shall be carried out in a lawful and honest manner and in any case in compliance with the abovementioned regulation, by means of instruments apt to guarantee security and confidentiality and may also be performed through automatic devices capable of memorizing, managing and transmitting the data.

Processing shall mainly be performed by the company’s internal organization under the management and control of the person in charge of the handling of your data and for the purposes stated above, possibly by companies belonging to the group or by third parties.

The filing of the data shall be carried out in such a way as to enable the identification of the party concerned for a time period not exceeding the time necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and processed.

Consequences of Refusal to Respond

Save for cases where it is mandatory due to contractual or legal obligations, the refusal to respond may result, for the undersigned company, in the inability to initiate the processing/release of your data for the purposes described in this communication, specifically for the management of the business relationship with you.

Categories of Subjects To Whom Data May Be Released or Made Known

In addition to disclosure for the purpose of fulfilling an obligation of law, regulation or European Community standard as well as intra-group standards remaining valid, for which your consent as per art. 24 of legislative decree 196/2003 is not necessary, your data may be disclosed—even via simple reference to it or by rendering it available—to the following subjects:

  1. Individual persons or corporate bodies who provide specific services: data processing, logistics services, customer satisfaction surveys, law, administrative, tax and/or accounting consulting, fair organizing and communication events;
  2. Merchant middlemen, banks and credit institutes, financial brokerage firms, individual persons or corporate bodies in charge of credit collection, auditing and/or auditor’s and quality system certification;
  3. Individual persons and/or corporate bodies who request references/data for participation in public tenders, or within the scope of the execution of supply agreements.
In any case, we assure you that only the data that may be disclosed to the abovementioned subjects will be only the ones necessary and pertinent to the purpose of the processing they need to carry out.

We also hereby notify that the persons that may come to know your data are the heads of the Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. group companies (hereinafter referred to as "Gruppo Engineering"), as well as individuals working in departments of these companies, that may need such data.

The personal data in question shall be handled with the utmost confidentiality and may be disclosed and transferred to the Company’s Business Unit and to companies connected to Gruppo Engineering in Italy and abroad, within the EU and in non-EU countries solely for the purposes declared in this communication.

Right of Access

Pursuant to article 7 of legislative decree 196/2003, the party concerned may contact Engineering Ingegneria Informatica s.p.a., e-mail, to assert the following rights:

  1. to know the existence of data processing that may involve the party concerned;
  2. to obtain the confirmation of the existence or inexistence of personal data that concerns said party, even if not yet recorded, and the intelligible transmission of said data and its provenance, as well as the logic and purpose on which the processing is based;
  3. to obtain the elimination, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of the unlawfully processed data, including data that was originally collected or subsequently processed for purposes that do not require filing;
  4. to be able to update, correct or, if interested, make additions to the data;
  5. to wholly or partially oppose the processing of its personal data, even if pertinent to the purpose of its collection, for legitimate reasons.
  6. Naming of the Processing Holder and Persons in Charge

    The holder of the processing of the personal data is Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.a., with registered offices in via S. Martino della Battaglia, 56, Rome, Italy.

    The list of Persons in Charge is filed in the Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. offices.

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